Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

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Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

  • Instantly aerate: With the push of a button perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to your glass.
  • Easy to use: Fast, easy to use, and clean. No lifting, aiming, spilling, or waiting. Easy for beginners or wine aerating pro’s. 
  • Best in class: The Aervana Wine Aerator process provides more air contact surface to speed oxidation than any other aerator.
  • Unique: Only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. One touch design is like no other. 
  • Included: Aervana Electric Wine Aerator, Two Tubes, Six AAA Batteries, User Manual


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Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Why We Aerate Wine
You know when you open a new bottle of wine, taste it, and are hit with that bitter, astringent taste, drying out your mouth? That’s caused by the tannins in your wine that occur naturally in the skin and stems of the grapes. Age can help soften tannins, and so can aeration—especially in younger wines where the tannic effect may overwhelm the other flavors and aromas in your wine.

The Aervana Difference
The Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator infuses air into wine as it’s dispensed, providing the oxygen needed to soften those tannins and other less favorable compounds (like sulfites, sulfides, and ethanol) associated with bold reds, allowing you to better taste the key characteristics of your wine.

Impress the Wine Crowd
The Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator is a wine aerating tool that actually works. No matter your experience with wine, you’ll notice the difference between a glass aerated with Aervana and the same wine, unaerated. Having a tasting party? Your friends will get all the fun of seeing your wine bottle transformed into a personal tap for perfectly aerated wine. What’re you waiting for? Get the Aervana Wine Aerator today!



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