Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life (or yourself)?

You’ve found it! The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator is the top wine aerator on the market today.

  • Perfect for red wines, white wines, and spirits.
  • Faster than any other wine aerator on the market.
  • The one touch operation makes aerating your wine or spirits convenient while only aerating what is dispensed.
  • Vinera effectively seals the bottle top making it not only the best wine aerator but the best wine preserver as well! 
  • Voted the Red Dot Best of the Best 2014 Collection Winner.
  • Fits any size bottle.
  • Fastest breathing process of any wine aerator out there- aerates 1oz of wine every 2 seconds according to the “Golden Ratio”.
  • Elegant modern design provides more than 6 times the aeration effect compared to  the standard funnel style aerators.

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Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator- the ultimate gift for any wine lover.

-The best wine aerator for red, white, and spirit wines.

The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator is the best wine aerator on the market. Aerating by pouring a wine into a traditional aerator bottle requires about 30 minutes to 1 hour to achieve the wanted effect. -the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator accelerates aeration through a patented air injection process and dispenses fully aerated wine directly from bottle to glass with the touch of a button.

-Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator is the world’s first electronic wine & spirit aerator. It has the capacity to dispense fully aerated wine or spirits at 1 ounce every 2 seconds (faster than any other wine aerator on the market).

-Due to the amazing operating method, the exposure of the wine to the bubble surface is 6 times greater with the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator a  regular funnel style aerator! Your wine will taste like it never has before. And not only is this the best wine aerator on the market, but with the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator you can just leave it in your bottle overnight- working as a wine preservation system too!

-The patented design of this amazing wine aerator injects air into the stream of wine pushed from the bottle through the dispenser spout- which in turn more effectively and quickly releases the flavors and aromas of wine, and helps oxidize and soften the natural tannins in wine. For spirits, the oxidation through large surface exposure to bubbles releases fusel alcohols and make the spirit less bitter.

The instant aeration with the Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator lets you enjoy the full bottle of your wine from the first glass without the long wait of traditional decanting.

-Fits any size bottle

-The ultimate gift for any wine lover

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