How Wine Helps Your Health


Has anybody ever told you too much wine is bad for you? 

Here is how they are dead wrong:
The list of wines benefits is long and getting more and more surprising all the time! We have amazing news for you from the latest studies. The health benefits come from moderate wine consumption (defined by the American Heart Association as one to two four-ounce glasses a day so make sure to find yourself an amazing wine preserver).

Here are 7 ways wine is good for you health:

1- Lower risk of heart disease:  The alcohol and substances in red wine (antioxidants) can help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and protecting against artery damage.  This reduces the amount of fatty deposit (atheroma) which narrows our arteries and makes them more likely to clog. Wine can really help prevent the formation of blood clots that have the potential to close off your arteries, causing a heart attack.

2- Weight loss (Just toss your scale out now): In a 2015 study done at Washington State University researchers found that when mice were fed a high-fat diet, those that were also given resveratrol (an antioxidant compound in wine) gained about 40 percent less weight (yes you read that right, 40%) . The scientists actually determined that resveratrol increases the expression of genes that help convert regular white fat into lipid-burning “beige fat.” If enough of this happens, it can actually prevent obesity. 

3- Memory: Most people believe alcohol ruins your memory but recent studies prove the exact opposite! A six month study of adults who took resveratrol showed they had better short-term memory than their counterparts who took a placebo. The people who took the resveratrol also had more connections among brain areas involved in memory, and this paralleled improvements over the study period in their ability to break down sugar in the body, researchers found.

4- Heal your bones: New research suggests Women who drink alcohol moderately may be doing their bones a favor! Our bodies are constantly in the process of remaking bone. Bits of bone are dissolved and then the new bone is formed. The study revealed that resveratrol may also increase bone density in men and women, especially those with metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of factors that can lead to more serious health complications, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  The study also cited resveratrol as a viable treatment option for osteoporosis!

5- Clear those up those Arteries: Those who drink one or two glasses of wine a day have a reduced risk of developing blocked arteries. Wine improves circulation in the body, dilates blood vessels and raises good cholesterol. Resveratrol helps maintain blood flow by keeping the arteries free of the fatty deposits known as atherosclerotic plaque. 

6- Save your eyes: According to a leading surgeon, drinking red wine is good for eyesight and can prevent eye disease in later life (just toss out all those carrots now). Resveratrol (the substance is found in wine) is believed to help hold back the age-related deterioration of the muscles in the eyes (which can later lead to vision problems). Resveratrol also halts the growth of blood vessels in the eye, which if continue to grow can cause macular degeneration and failing eyesight.

7- Reverse the clock: Let’s face it- do any of us really want to keep aging? No! The antioxidants in wine absorb damaging free radicals that play a huge role in aging and age related diseases. The wonder here yet again is Resveratrol. This is an antioxidant belonging to a group called polyphenols. It stimulates Sirtuin, which is an enzyme known to promote DNA repair and cell regeneration! Time and time again it has been proven that wine helps to ward off the aging process. Toss out all those anti-aging creams and grab yourself a glass of wine!